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Brompton H6L Claret Folding Bike

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Brompton H6L Claret Folding Bike
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Brompton H6L Claret Folding Bike

Supplied with Schwalbe Marathon Tyres and EZY Wheels

Brompton H6L Folding Bike, Claret Frame and Extremities ,Brompton H-Type handlebars, Brompton 6 speed gears, Brompton Mudguards.

  The H Type has been developed in response to requests from taller riders and from those wanting a markedly more upright riding position. The height of the grips from the ground has been raised by 60mm compared to the classic M Type; forward reach to the grips from the saddle increases by around 13mm.

 This additional height and reach has been achieved by spacing the handlebar hinge 30mm further away from the headset allowing the overall length of the support to be increased by 60mm. While this means that the hinge protrudes further from the bike than on other models, the highest point on the folded bike remains the saddle, so the H Type fits into all existing transportation bags and covers.

The weight increase over an M Type is approximately 100g (varying slightly depending on the gearing option chosen, as the cables necessarily vary). Pricing will be the same as the other model types.

The H Type is for those who like to travel with unhurried style, taking in the journey along the way. It will certainly extend the Brompton’s appeal to the tallest riders but will also appeal to all those seeking an upright riding position, with good visibility.


Brompton Folding Bikes Where Nothing Is Standard !

Brompton Folding Bikes do not offer standard models because nothing we build is standard, every bike is built by hand from scratch. So if you require a bike with specification that is not available from our range online please call or email one of the stores. Average Custom build time is 4-6 weeks.

The Brompton is a bike which rides superbly, is safe, agile and fast, yet folds easily and quickly into a highly-compact and portable package. The result is a vehicle that increases your sense of freedom and independence. Finely-engineered and elegant, the Brompton has a full-sized frame, made mainly of steel for strength and stiffness. It is designed to be practical and light enough to be genuinely portable. The combination of a rigid frame and accurate alignment makes for efficient transmission of your energy and a lively, first-rate ride; countless owners use them on long journeys and for touring and many prefer the ride of a Brompton to that of conventional bikes. 

The Brompton is truly personal transport you can take with you even when you’re not riding it. On trains and buses it tucks neatly into luggage space (it is welcome on practically all public transport)… on aircraft, although it won’t fit as luggage in most (though not all!) cabins, it can be checked in; and it’s great to ride off at the other end… in cars, on yachts, behind the pilot’s seat of a single-prop, in caravans and on narrow boats, Bromptons are taken on trips as frequently as they take their owners on journeys. And at the end of your commute, your trip or your voyage, your Brompton will fit safely and snugly in a cupboard, under your desk at work or in a cloakroom at the theatre or restaurant. With no risk of theft, your Brompton will still be there later – your personal transport.

The key feature of the Brompton is the compactness and practicality of its fold. With a little practice, this is achieved without any difficulty in 10 - 20 seconds. The dimensions of the folded bike are: 565mm high x 545mm long x 270mm wide (22.2" x 21.5" x 10.6"). When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package little larger than its wheels. The folded package may be picked up without any risk that the bike will unfold - reassuring when running for a train or handing it to a cloakroom attendant!

There are no projections or loose parts with the folded package and, using the frame or saddle as a handle, it carries like a small suitcase, lightweight and easy to manage. The fold is designed to keep vulnerable parts, like lights and cable-runs, out of harm's way and, by folding them in, to keep the greasy chain and gears away from clothing and luggage. Small rollers allow the bike to be pushed into inaccessible corners.

Due to the technical nature of this Bike and the UK supplier wishes, its only available to buy in-store. We suggest you come to one of our Stores and see the full range, even take one for a test ride and get advice from the Fudge’s bike experts.

The Advantages of buying in Store from Fudges we have a massive choice of bikes instock from Trek ,Specialized  Dahon, Brompton, Look , Giant . We also have highly trained bike specialists on hand to help you to make the right choice. The bike can be taken straight away (no waiting in for a delivery, disposing of the large cardboard box) and it will be fully built, checked , sized for you and ready to ride, with any extra parts you purchase fitted for you. You will also receive a First Free service for the bike(worth £38).

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