LOOK E765 Gotham Ebike

LOOK E765 Gotham Ebike

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LOOK E765 Gotham


Upgraded Fazua remote ride 50 TX, no need to removed battery to turn on.


The E-765 Optimum is the result of years of dedication and attention to detail enabling us to create a frame, which is both lightweight and durable. Manufactured in our own production facilities, our story builds on the first impactful pedal strokes of Bernard Hinault with LOOK.

LOOK has created this masterful E-765 Optimum, integrated with a FAZUA motor. The benefits allow the rider to experience a more leisurely ride, instead of the challenges of a more competitive journey. Capturing the desires of this segment of riders was paramount to the creation and development of this bike. Perfect for the former champion that wants to continue riding and enjoying the sport, or for those that simply want to experience the world by bike. The E-765 will fit your needs.

Only slightly heavier than a traditional road bike, the astonishing performance of the E-765 Optimum will have you out scaling the steepest slopes and rolling for endless miles. This comfortable ride will intoxicate you with its charms and capabilities.

Drawing on our extensive experience working with carbon, we’ve developed an unrivaled formula dedicated exclusively for the E-765 OPTIMUM. Thanks to the ultra-precise fiber orientations and specific combinations of various types of carbon - we found the sweet spot. By combining 25% HM, 31% IM, 31% HR and 13 % specific fiber, we were able to maximize pedaling performance, while preserving ride comfort.

Since our early days in the performance cycling world, our material of choice has always been carbon. Within our own factories, we’ve developed a unique expertise and extensive know-how in carbon fiber technologies. For over 30 years, LOOK has been a leader in this arena, achieving highly-specific and performance-oriented properties.

The low total weight produces a ride sensation that is close to that of a traditional bike. The natural ride sensation continues when the motor seamlessly disengages at 25 km/h, and transitions to unassisted pedaling. Since the motor is fully disengaged there no additional resistance to overcome, leaving you with a very familiar ride.

The handlebar mounted remote enables precise control of the electrical assistance. There are 4 control modes are available: The 0W mode lets you rely solely on your legs. The 2 intermediate modes offer power assistance up to 125 W and 250 W, and last but not least, the rocket mode can reach a maximum power assistance of 400 W.

Control your range by making use of both analog power and electrical power. An average range of 86 kilometers has been recorded for mixed use.